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Most European students find that a Master’s degree is essential in order to be career ready. Maybe you have given some thought to post-Bachelor options yourself. Looking into job descriptions directed to university graduates you will notice that with “just” a Bachelor’s degree choices and chances on the job  market are limited. A Master’s degree can give you the competitive edge.

Popular Master programs of high quality are often overcrowded and difficult to enroll in without having accomplished an outstanding Bachelor’s degree and other aces up your sleeve. Another frustrating fact: The European educational system rarely allows for interdisciplinarity – there are a number of obstacles if you wish to enroll in a Master program in a field different from that of the Bachelor program you completed. And most European universities that do offer interdisciplinary Master programs often have strict regulations and enrollment requirements which are not easy to fulfill for each applicant. In a nutshell, if you have not diligently worked very hard and constantly earned high grades during your Bachelor studies, and have not upgraded your CV with additional skills like foreign languages or an edgy minor, you might end up having a hard time getting into your desired Master program at your dream university in Europe.

Studying your Master abroad can be a great alternative, since the university systems in English-speaking countries are much different from the European one. Planning their Master abroad students often have freedom in their choice of study fields. Especially programs like the MBA (Master of Business Administration) are designed to upgrade the education of Bachelor graduates who have not studied business and management programs and to lead them to executive positions.

Our universities in Australia, Canada, and the USA offer flexible options for your Master abroad.  Choose from a wide range of future-oriented and engaging Master programs and receive the ideal preparation in order to pursue the career of your dreams.

If you, like many others, did not find the right time to study abroad during your strictly structured Bachelor studies? Spending a Master program abroad is a great way to make up for that missed chance, and to acquire business fluent English skills and intercultural competence along the way. Going abroad for a Master program might be the last chance to “break free” from your usual daily routine at home before you start building your career and settle down.

Essential perks international students from all around the world particularly appreciate about completing their Master abroad in an English-speaking country are the practical orientation and the interactive atmosphere in the classrooms, not least the advanced university facilities featuring state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, studying in a Master program abroad provides you with the opportunity to become fully integrated in university life and the student body, as compared to students who go abroad for one semester. Of course, living abroad for more than a couple of months enables you to build lasting friendships, to deeply improve your English skills, and to completely immerse in the foreign culture.

Completing a full Master program abroad gives you enough time to find a new home away from home and to experience everyday life in Australia, Canada, or the USA. Professors and staff at universities in English-speaking countries are known to be supportive, personable and encouraging. Our universities provide you with a support network that will make it easy for you to establish close ties with the country and its people, to establish your reputation at your university abroad, and to return back home with a international network of friends and business contacts upon completion of your Master’s degree. Or perhaps you would like to stay in your new home and apply for a work visa in the country of your dreams?

Doing a Master abroad has many advantages and can help you individualize your education as well as your career goals in order to boost your career chances.

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Study in Australia

G’day mates! Maybe you are wondering: Why ICMS, why Australia, why go to the other side of the world? It’s easy: ICMS offers a broad variety of study subjects which allows you to develop academically and to live ‘the’ dream. The people, the Australian culture, studying in a ‘castle’ in Manly – ICMS is the perfect opportunity to combine living ‘Down Under’ with studying and to have a unique experience.

Anne-Sophie D.

Study Abroad Australia, International College of Management, Sydney

A study abroad semester at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo is an awesome experience. I had the chance to combine my studies with various outdoor activities and hobbies. Not only did I make friends with Canadians but I also lived like one – in the end, I almost felt like a real “islander”.

Johannes B.

Semester Abroad Canada, Vancouver Island University

Studying abroad I got to know the USA as a ‘local’ – not just as a tourist – and I now have a different, larger picture of the country, culture and people. My studies at National University eventually helped me get my current job in a very international team with people from all around the world.

Anil T.

MBA in the USA, National University