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It is your dream to go abroad after finishing school and to complete your full Bachelor’s degree at an English-speaking university?

Studying a Bachelor program in Australia, Canada or the USA can accelerate your career: in contrast to most of your competitors in the run for a desired job you will be able to show a long-term study stay abroad in your résumé, will be business fluent in English, and will have a broad network of contacts around the world. On top of this, by having completed your Bachelor’s degree abroad you demonstrate your independence and your skill to adapt well to new circumstances and situations. You prove that you have gone the extra mile not following the standard study path in your home country. These are all outstanding features your future boss will appreciate in a new hire.

Going abroad for a Bachelor’s degree will surely be an unforgettable adventure. You will come to know a different culture and study with classmates from all over the world – you will immerse into another country and culture. A number of Bachelor students decide to stay on after their graduation in order to complete their Master’s degree abroad as well, or even find a job abroad and emigrate completely. No matter what your personal path will be, completing your Bachelor’s degree in Australia, Canada or the USA will open many doors for you.

Especially in today’s world it is essential to live in an open-minded and cosmopolitan way and to be able to collaborate with representatives of other cultures efficiently. Upon completion of your Bachelor program abroad you will have acquired the practical know-how and substantial intercultural skills to be equipped for a successful career in today’s economic world.

Universities in Australia, Canada and the USA are often known for the excellent study conditions they offer to their students. Personal contact with lecturers and advisors as well as small class sizes and an interactive learning atmosphere are some of the main reasons why students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree decide to study abroad. The conditions at many European universities tend to be unsuitable: overcrowded lecture halls, anonymity and outdated university equipment are demotivating and intimidating. At our three universities abroad, courses rarely exceed 30 participants, your professor will know you by name and will most likely ask you to call them by their first name as well. Lectures and courses allow for time to ask questions and to engage in lively discussions with your classmates and professors.

Study Abroad – Bachelor in Australia

At the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) in Australia you can complete your Bachelor’s degree in only 3 years. You can choose to study a generalist degree with the Bachelor of Business Management, or specialize in: Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Marketing & New Media, or Retail Marketing. If you wish to earn a specialist degree you can choose between the Bachelor of Event Management, the Bachelor of Hospitality Management, the Bachelor of International Tourism, the Bachelor of Property, and the Bachelor of Sports Management. All of ICMS’s undergraduate degrees include a work placement component, the so-called Industry Training, during which students gain valuable work experience even before they graduated with their Bachelor’s and which prepares them for their successful career ahead.

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Study Abroad – Bachelor in Canada

Explore the breathtaking natural beauty of British Columbia and apply for a Bachelor program at Vancouver Island University (VIU), one of the most popular universities at Canada’s west coast. VIU offers a broad variety of innovative study subjects. Students can choose programs and courses from the following fields of study: Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Business Management, Design, Performing Arts & Visual Arts, Health & Human Services, Sciences, Tourism, Hospitality, Recreation & Sport. The small class sizes, interactive course settings and the university’s advanced equipment as well as the great leisure facilities make studying at VIU a unique experience.

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Study Abroad – Bachelor in the USA

The United States of America are one of the top destinations for European students, and a great place to complete your Bachelor’s degree abroad. At National University students can choose between the two fantastic main campuses in San Diego or Los Angeles and live their California adventure while receiving quality education from a WASC-accredited university. The unique one-course-per-month format taught at National University enables students to focus on each subject thoroughly and to choose from flexible start dates for their undergraduate studies all year round. All Bachelor programs at National University consist of 40 courses and ensure a perfect balance of academic theory and practical learning. Immerse in South California’s exceptional atmosphere and study a Bachelor program at the renowned National University in San Diego or Los Angeles.

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G’day mates! Maybe you are wondering: Why ICMS, why Australia, why go to the other side of the world? It’s easy: ICMS offers a broad variety of study subjects which allows you to develop academically and to live ‘the’ dream. The people, the Australian culture, studying in a ‘castle’ in Manly – ICMS is the perfect opportunity to combine living ‘Down Under’ with studying and to have a unique experience.

Anne-Sophie D.

Bachelor's Degree in Australia, International College of Management, Sydney

I experienced a totally different way of living on Vancouver Island as compared to Germany. Canadians are much more open, always willing to help and really friendly. The landscape and natural beauty surrounding the VIU campus is just breathtaking. I feel so happy here that I almost don’t want to go back home.

Markus D.

Semester Abroad Canada, Vancouver Island University

Erfahrungsberichte Australien

Study in Australia

At National University I especially like the one-course-per-month format, which leaves time to explore the city. The diverse course offer is great and my classes were very interesting. I love the open and friendly American attitude – it is very easy to make friends, also for students from abroad.

Inga K.

Semester Abroad USA, National University